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Gimme Pizza! PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Stefan Kottwitz   
Saturday, 11 August 2012 15:32
Pizza cartoon by vectoropenstock

Once upon a time, the world was a better place. Any TeX user could get pizza for free, whenever he was hungry. He just needed to post a message to the online forum of a pizza delivery service, such as Pizza \strut, Leslie's Pizza, Papa Don's, and Mc TeX's. As soon as the pizza service wasn't too busy with his paying customers, one of his team came and delivered the delicious pizza to the TeX user for free.

That was a nice time!

Then darkness rised. Some hungry users got the idea, they could charge several pizza services with delivery at the same time, just to get their pizza faster. Hey, it was for free after all! And So it happened many times, that several delivery men arrived with a smile on their face to hand over a pizza. But either the user was full with the first pizza, or he chose just the most tasty one and told the others to go away, or just didn't respond to the door bell when the further pizzas arrived. Deliverers lost their smile.

Soon, the nice time was over: nobody wanted to deliver pizza for free any more. Now order, pay, and get it. Order twice, pay twice. Fair again, but not free any more.

Today, we got free services for TeX again! There's free online support in TeX forums and discussion boards, where volunteers spend their free time to help TeX users with their problems. Will it survive this time?

There's hope: once a user needs help very urgently, he still can ask in several forums - just a hyperlink to the posts on the other sites is required. So, everybody is informed, and solutions can even be worked out in collaboration of several sites. No useless double work of the TeX volunteers anymore, and the questioner gets the best solution in the quickest way.

Happy cross-posting!



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