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\string command behavior - Plain TeX Topic is solved

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\string command behavior - Plain TeX

Postby renyalvarado on Sun Feb 3rd, 2013

Hi, I would like to learn Plain TeX and I'm reading Knuth's "The TeXBook".At Chapter 7, Knuth talks about the \string command and how it converts control sequences into lists of characters tokens. Why when I typed \string\TeX I got "TeX, but when I wrote {\tt \string\TeX} I got \TeX?

I guess it's something related to \escapechar, because when I changed this control sequence the output changed too:
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Re: \string command behavior - Plain TeX  Topic is solved

Postby Stefan_K on Sun Feb 3rd, 2013

Run this code (or click Open in writeLaTeX), and you can see that the backslash \ from the typewriter font is replaced by " in the font table of the roman font - at place '134 (92):

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cmr.png (21.84 KiB) Viewed 1519 times

cmtt.png (16.63 KiB) Viewed 1519 times

You may notice further differences regarding special symbols. In typewriter font, most used special symbols are different to those required in standard text.

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Re: \string command behavior - Plain TeX

Postby cgnieder on Sun Feb 3rd, 2013

See also the same question on TeX.sx with currently two answers.

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