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Description of \tkzTabVal

Postby Tolaso » Mon Jan 09, 2017 1:20 am


I am new here. I am writing a journal in LaTeX. I am no beginner in it but I am still facing some problems trying to undestand some packages. For example the Journal requires me to actually "draw" some monotony tables. I am using my favorite package to do so , namely tikz. Thus I load "tikz - tab".

I follow the manual , which has quite plenty of examples but since it is in French and that's not my native language I cannot make the most of it. Therefore when I have to use \tkzTabVal function I get stuck and I work blind.

So, can someone explain to me how it works? I know the general syntax is like this: \tkzTabVal{}{}{}{}{}

where the 4th argument is optional and the 5th argument is actually the one to fill so that it is injected into the drawing but the first three arguements I have completely no idea how they are filled.

If you could enlighten me that would be great. Thank you in advance.

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Postby Tolaso » Fri Jan 20, 2017 12:38 am

No one ?

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